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Hackers exploit Twitter vulnerability and expose millions of user accounts

On Friday 5th of August it was disclosed that zero-day vulnerability in Twitter's systems led to a significant data leakage.

August 7, 2022

The EU DORA regulation and third party risk

With the DORA regulation that the EU aims to strengthen the IT security of financial services and industries. This means banks, insurance co...

July 17, 2022

How to manage the third party risks posed by your critical suppliers

This blog post walks you through some ideas on how to navigate the complex web of third-party risks, focusing on critical suppliers.

June 27, 2022

EU’s NIS 2 Directive to improve cybersecurity across European businesses

The year 2020 brought a wave of increased remote connectivity as businesses world wide compete to become more digital, they also increase th...

June 6, 2022

Subdomain enumeration tools and techniques

Subdomain enumeration is the process of identifying all subdomains for a given domain. This can be useful for identifying potential targets ...

May 24, 2022

Why your digital footprint matters

Your organization's digital footprint is about exposed network and IT assets, and from a risk viewpoint, about online reputation.

May 5, 2022

How to manage unresponsive vendors in your third party risk management program?

Learn how to deal with a situation where your vendor is either not responding, or you do not get the answers you were hoping for. This can h...

April 23, 2022

Why is Attack Surface Management important

ASM is an approach to security of the your digital footprint from the perspective of the threat actors. It is a process of continuous disc...

April 3, 2022

New cybersecurity project to decrease online vulnerability with the help of Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship funding

A team of three Flemish technology and services companies and three research groups have started working on the APAX project.

March 16, 2022