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We continuously map and analyze your digital footprint and third party risks

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About Ceeyu

Understand your cyber security risk exposure

Our platform continuously monitors your digital footprint and supply chain. By passively gathering security and information disclosure related data. Our algorithm provides specific security rating that objectively, and transparently, measures your company's security posture. Self assessment questionnaires help you to stay on top of your third party risks via our buitl in third party risk, or TPRM, framework.

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Discover your digital footprint

Get an instant overview of all your internet infrastructure and configurations. Discover assets and external shadow IT you did not even know about. Continuously monitor changes to your footprint.

Determine your security rating

Monitor the cybersecurity rating and (third party) risk exposure of your assets over time and know exactly what is impacting your security and how to quickly remediate it. Ensure resilience, minimise the risk against hacking and potential data breaches.

Monitor your supply chain risk

Have a central overview of all your suppliers, their security rating, risk compliance and monitor their risk compliance over time, all via our TPRM framework. Send your suppliers self-assessments based on your own security & risk policies or on standard frameworks like CIS, NIS, NIST and ISO.

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We are constantly monitoring companies worldwide...

+4.3 million

Unique elements mapped


Average rating measured in the financial sector


Average rating measured in the Pharmaceutical sector


Average rating measured in the Telecom Sector


Powerful platform to put you in control of your third party management process and digital footprint risks

Quickly and effortlessly gain insights on your external cyber security risks, map them to your risk appetite. Measure and qualify your security risks and take immediate action to increase your resilience, lower supply chain risk and improve cybersecurity posture.

Continuously monitor your digital footprint

Your digital footprint is constantly expanding. Our platform allows you to continuously monitor your internet facing perimeter and gather security status data. You will get a security rating ranging from A to F that objectively and transparently measures your company's security posture.

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Advanced Third Party Risk Management

Manage and assess your vendor ecosystem. The platform's recommendations and an optional self-assessment questionnaire will help you determine which suppliers might pose a security risk to your business. You can engage with them to up their game.

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Technical details and vulnerability status

Detailed recommendations will enable you to tackle all issues, such as security vulnerabilities, impacting your security posture and increase your overall cyber security posture. You can also use the data to monitor compliance and privacy issues.

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Compliance with Frameworks such as ISO27001, NIS, NIST, CIS,...

Achieve or demonstrate compliance with industry standards and best practices. Engage with your supply chain to understand and validate their level of compliance.

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Hear from our customers!

“Ceeyu is a great platform which offers a lot of the core functionalities required to deal with today’s challenges in VRM/TPRM. It is allowing us to further improve and optimize our ways of working and also improving our service delivery towards our customers. We also believe it will make the life of vendors easier over time. The collaboration with Ceeyu has also been great so far, where they were open to receive feedback on the usage of the platform in order to further improve the platform. We hope to be working with Ceeyu a lot going forward!”

Pieter Batsleer

Cyber Security Strategy – Nviso

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