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Third-Party Risk Management

Identify cyber security risks in your supply chain

A growing number of cyber-attacks and GDPR incidents can be traced back to third parties with whom you share data or are digitally interconnected.  Even if a security incident at a supplier does not immediately affect your security, there’s still the risk that it disturbs the operations of your supplier and hence your supply chain. 


So it no longer suffices to keep your digital entry points secure.   You also need to verify that your suppliers are keeping all of their internet-connected processes and IT assets safe and secure. 

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60 percent of security incidents in 2022 will result from issues with third parties

Forrester’s North America Predictions 2022

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Third-Party Risk Management

Centralize assessments - understand security risks at key suppliers and partners - enjoy business continuity

Not all security risks can be identified using automated security scans.  Using Ceeyu, you can assess the security risks with critical suppliers by combining automatic attack surface scans and security ratings with questionnaire-based audits, also all digital.  You can create your own questionnaires, from scratch, or start from our standards-based templates.  Our online workflow management and our supplier portal ensure smooth interaction with suppliers and short lead times. 

Third-Party Risk Management

Centralized cyber risk assessment

Trying to collect and follow this up manually is very time-consuming, and easily leads to errors and oversights. Ceeyu helps you to streamline risk mitigation and cyber compliance efficiently with a security Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) platform that combines automated assessments with template-based supplier security questionnaires for all your partners and suppliers with a single, online tool. 

Quickly onboard and manage your suppliers and partners, and assess the risk they pose to your security profile and business continuity. Automated and continuous scans of their attack surface provide you with standardized risk assessments for your whole third-party ecosystem.

Centralized cyber risk assessment

Third-Party Risk Management

Complete and intuitive TPRM

Ceeyu features

Better security insights.

Comprehensive overview of cybersecurity risks with key third parties.

Security questionnaires

Customizable templates based on standard frameworks.

Streamlined TPRM platform

Online vendor assessment and due diligence with a maximum of automation.

Intelligent security tracking

Use data-driven security reports to identify the vast majority of security threats.

Automate assessments

Continuous monitoring of vulnerabilities and threats.

Build trusted relationships

Show your reliability as a business partner.

Intuitive risk overview

Transparent scoring of third parties on risks and the degree of impact for proper prioritization.

Third-Party Risk Management

Combine questionnaires with 
automated scans

Using our automated attack surface monitoring and security risk ratings, you can complement or cross-check the conclusions from the questionnaires. Ceeyu enables you to use the results from the attack surface scans and the resulting security risks at your own discretion: you can share the results with the supplier making them available on the supplier portal, or use them internally.

Combine questionnaires with 
automated scans

Third-Party Risk Management

Automated risk assessment questionnaire workflows

Manually reviewing and maintaining the security procedures of suppliers and other stakeholders can be a challenging task. 

Those who have already worked with compliance questionnaires recognize the weaknesses of a manual approach. You have to create your questionnaires, send them to third parties by mail, and keep track in a spreadsheet of who has already answered and who has not. In addition, you must also keep all documents in a well-organized and shared folder, and check regularly whether adjustments are needed.

Using a centralized platform, you can keep track of all your security assessment questionnaires with as little manual work as possible on security assessments.

Ceeyu features


integrating the most recent standards (CIS, NIS, NIST, and ISO)

Customizable questionnaires

to factor in your security and risk policies.

Automatic forwarding

Automatically forward questionnaires to linked suppliers, with supplier portal access

Centrally accessible overview

A centrally accessible overview of all assessments

Share assessments

Share assessment results and identified risks with involved partners

Track progress

Kanban-style board for tracking (supplier activity, open, in-review, and closed assessments)

Third-Party Risk Management

All-digital vendor security risk 
due diligence process

This approach takes the overhead out of any vendor security due diligence process by allowing you to easily and quickly set up a new questionnaire-based assessment, link it to a supplier, and send it to them. The supplier will receive a login to access the supplier portal and be able to respond to the questionnaire online. After which you can assess their answers and generate a security rating.

When assessing a questionnaire, you have an easy-to-use interface to not only see the supplier’s responses and either accept or reject their answer, but also view appended evidence or send and receive messages through the message box.

Rejecting an answer will query the supplier to provide more information, while the message box might be used to query the supplier to ask for additional clarifications.

All-digital vendor security risk 
due diligence process

Ceeyu helps you efficiently comply with security risk requirements. By centralizing and automating your third party risk management (TPRM), we minimize the work for you!