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Through our cyber security platform, we want to support our customers in identifying their critical points to help them protect their data, brand image, and business continuity. We create trust so our customers can plan and build for the future, knowing they are safe. 

We are firm believers that collaborating on security with your key suppliers should be easy. Our customers appreciate the simplicity of our user experience,  and the reliability of our platform.

Ceeyu customer reference - Modero
Ceeyu customer reference - Ordina
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Ceeyu customer reference - FOD Buitenlandse Zaken
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Ceeyu UI
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IT Services

Ceeyu customer reference - Ordina

With over 2,700 employees, Ordina is the largest, independent IT service provider in the Benelux. To increase the scope, quality, and efficiency of its fast-growing IT security business, Ordina uses the Ceeyu platform for digital footprint monitoring and attack surface scanning of its customers, primarily in the financial services, industry, care, and government sectors.