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We support your security team to secure your business continuity

Qualified security employees are scarce. Therefore, it’s of paramount importance to give them maximum support in their work, so that they can focus on what is really important, and what only they can do themselves, namely addressing the most pressing security risks.  As a starter, they can use the Ceeyu platform for mapping and monitoring your digital footprint, and for automated cyber risk analysis.    But sometimes extra help is welcome.    Ceeyu therefore also offers a range of professional services, where our experts personally assist your security teams.

Administrative support for your Third Party Security Risk Management programme

Periodic Security Risk Review sessions with our experts and your team

Ad hoc support to help your team solve the most urgent security problems


Professional Services

Third-Party Security Risk Management

Ceeyu offers its customers the possibility to outsource the operational aspect of TPRM.    Ceeyu tracks the progress of supplier onboarding on the Ceeyu platform, as well as the response to the first questionnaire.   After the automatic invitation and reminders sent by the platform, Ceeyu personally contacts the suppliers by email and phone.  If Ceeyu is referred to another responsible person at the third party, Ceeyu will take care of the onboarding of this new user.   As part of the onboarding process, we explain how the Ceeyu platform works and give a short demonstration.  We manage the operational side of Supply Chain Risk management so you can focus on strategy and risk analysis.


Periodic risk review

On a recurring basis (monthly/quarterly), our experts analyze the data the Ceeyu platform gathered on your attack surface. The output of this exercise is the top 5 security risks that should be tackled by your IT team in the coming period. During a video call, the top risks and their remediation team are discussed between your team and a Ceeyu expert.

Ad hoc security support

Ceeyu support engineers are available to answer your team's most pressing IT security questions. We will respond to your requests within 24 hours.

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