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Thu Dec 07 2023

BNS hybrIT and Ceeyu join hands for better security of SMEs against cyber attacks.

Ceeyu UI

Mechelen, Alken - 07/ 12/ 2023

Limburg IT & Network specialist Business Network Systems (BNS hybrIT) has signed a cooperation agreement with Ceeyu, a cybersecurity platform that identifies security risks at companies and their critical suppliers.

Ceeyu scans companies (as well as their key suppliers) from the perspective of hackers.  The Ceeyu platform identifies all of the company's externally visible IT and network systems (applications, software, IP addresses, cloud storage, often referred to as a company's "External Attack Surface") and performs an automated risk assessment on these systems in 9 different cybersecurity domains.  This results in an easy-to-understand A+ to F rating for each domain and a detailed understanding of the problems identified so they can be resolved quickly and efficiently.  Well-known customers on the Ceeyu platform include Watergroep, retail chain Casa, construction company Verelst and the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

BNS is incorporating the Ceeyu service into its already extensive portfolio of Cybersecurity services, including firewall deployments and management, backup & restore solutions, antivirus, anti-phishing and multi-factor authentication.

"Cyber attacks are among the biggest challenges facing enterprise IT teams today, as the enterprise IT landscape is constantly changing, but with each change, even a small configuration error can open the door for a hacker. Ceeyu's platform detects weaknesses in our customers' networks so we can quickly fix them and thus greatly reduce the threat of attacks," said Bart Bylemans, managing director at BNS hybrIT.

"As part of our strategy, we want to establish partnerships with the very best IT service providers," said Jimmy Pommerenke, CEO at Ceeyu. "BNS hybrIT is undoubtedly in that category. Their thorough knowledge of their customers and their technical skills, combined with the information provided by our platform, will result in greatly improved cybersecurity for their customers."


Dries Plasman

Dries Plasman


Dries leads the marketing and product management activities at Ceeyu. Before joining Ceeyu, he worked in similar roles at Voxbone (now Bandwidth.com) and Orange. Dries also worked in management consulting (at Greenwich, now EY Parthenon). He is a B2B marketer at heart, with a very strong affinity for technology.