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Wed May 17 2023

Ceeyu now offers an entry level cybersecurity risk identification service for businesses FREE

Ceey biedt gratis instap ASM service aan

Companies can now get insight in their externally visible IT and network systems and the security risks present in that footprint in the same way a hacker does, for free.  Ceeyu offers some of its premium features, such as digital footprint monitoring and a basic version of attack surface management at no cost.    Advanced features such as risk remediation advice, supply chain security risk identification management and questionnaire-based assessments remain reserved for the paid subscriptions.

Starting today, companies looking to lower the risk of a getting hit by a cyberattack can register for a free account on Ceeyu.io.  The free version of the service will continue to add new features, as well as retain all the existing features that current customers know and use for their cybersecurity defence, including:

  • Digital footprint mapping: identification of externally visible IT and network assets including IP addresses, applications, software, email addresses, files and cloud storage.
  • Security rating:  a rating of the quality of the implementation of certificates, email security, web application security, vulnerability management and open ports management.
  • Monitoring: all of the above data will be re-scanned on monthly basis and users of the service receive an email with the updated results.

"With our free service, we offer the same view of a company's digital footprint that a hacker has," said Ceeyu CEO Jimmy Pommerenke. "Unlike free cybersecurity assessment tools already available, Ceeyu maps a company's entire digital footprint and does a security assessment on every visible element, not just the company's website. Also, Ceeyu offers a service with monthly updates that provide insight into changes from the previous period, not just a one-time scan."