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Thu Feb 01 2024

Ceeyu participates in the EU-funded European cybersecurity program CYSSME

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Mechelen - 01/02/2024

Smaller businesses are equally exposed to online threats but have far fewer resources to adequately protect themselves. The European CYSSME project provides assistance with an effective and affordable approach that is fully tailored to each company’s challenges and risk profile.   Thanks to CYSSME, participating companies can swiftly identify their security priorities, learn how to mitigate risks, and navigate the online world safely.  CYSSME has been granted a three-year mandate and a substantial subsidy package to aid in enhancing the cybersecurity of European SMEs. 

CYSSME stands for Cybersecurity and Data Protection for Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises.  
Not all companies are digitalising at the same pace, and many SMEs also view cybersecurity as a barrier to digital transformation. CYSSME will therefore individually analyse the cybersecurity and data protection for each SME that requests support to examine their needs and requirements.    Any SME within the EU may apply via this application form: https://cyssme.eu/getting-started/.

A CYSSME project can start with an intake interview and initial cybersecurity audit by experienced experts. Companies that already know what they want and need straight away are equally well supported with technology and assistance.  A more comprehensive maturity assessment will subsequently serve as the basis for a roadmap and further optimisations. CYSSME will assign a mentor to guide each company, and participating SMEs will receive a plan with all the necessary implementations and interim objectives, as well as ongoing advice, training and knowledge transfer. The aim is to help participating companies become self-sufficient in cybersecurity within 3 to 6 months.

The end-goal for CYSSME is provide a multi-layered security system that SMEs can then maintain simply and autonomously after the end of the 3-year CYSSME program. All components in the system, including Ceeyu, have been developed in Europe. They are available in a European Cybersecurity app store, which includes open-source and commercial software. 

CYSSME consortium partners are AXS Guard, Better Access, Ceeyu, Cross-Border Commerce Europe, CyberTrust Austria, Exalens, L3CE, LSEC,  Lupasafe, NoCode-X, Toreon, and UNIZO

For more information about Cyssme, visit https://cyssme.eu/