Why Ceeyu

Ceeyu is the only EU-based SaaS platform provider that identifies cybersecurity risks for businesses and their supply chain, combining automated assessments with questionnaire-based assessments.

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A one-stop external security risk identification SaaS

Yes, you can perform Third-Party Risk Management using email and Excel. And yes, there’s some free tools on the internet that you can use to assess the security of your website. We offer much more. And most importantly, we do it for you. Continuously. Starting free.

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Affordable NIS 2 compliance

As a result of the NIS 2 directive, between 100,000 and 150,000 companies in Europe will have to conduct regular cybersecurity risk assessments for their own network and supply chain starting in 2024. With Ceeyu, you can meet the requirements of NIS 2 with regard to risk and vulnerability detection and supply chain risk management without too much effort and cost.

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Automated and questionnaire-based security assessments in one platform

While automated assessments provide insight into externally visible digital assets and vulnerabilities from a hacker's perspective, they do not uncover all aspects of security. This is especially important for third-party risk management. For example, you may want to know what the backup policies are at your key vendor, or how long security logs are kept. You can rely on the digital questionnaire-based assessment module in our platform to answer these questions.

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See weaknesses from a hacker’s perspective, at a fraction of the cost of a security expert

Our platform continuously scans for vulnerabilities in your network or the network of your critical suppliers, using the same tools and techniques as a hacker. Detected risks are prioritized by our platform (critical, high, medium, low) and can be integrated into your project management tool to ensure fast remediation. A report is sent after each scan.

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TPRM made easy: a SaaS platform, with human support right where it's needed

At Ceeyu, we offer straightforward third-party risk management. Our back-office team helps you identify the right person in your supplier organization and takes care of the follow-up of that person to ensure that assessments are completed in a timely manner. A team of security experts assists customers in addressing the most pressing security risks.

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