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Mon Sep 19 2022

Volkswagen suffered a data breach through a third party

"A data breach at a Volkswagen vendor has impacted millions of customers and prospective car purchasers across North America.

The breach occurred after information gathered by the vendor between 2014 and 2019 for sales and marketing purposes was stored electronically in an unsecured file for years."

Source and full article; VW Vendor Leaves Data Unsecured - Infosecurity Magazine (infosecurity-magazine.com)

At Ceeyu, we have implemented a SaaS platform that can help assess the security of your vendors and other third parties through easy-to-use self-assessment questionnaires. By implementing this in your third-party risk management process, you can easily and quickly identify areas of risk and start working with risky vendors to up their game and increase their security posture, effectively increasing yours as well.

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Jimmy Pommerenke


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