Attack surface management

Uncover your external attack surface, detect and manage cybersecurity risks

A growing number of security incidents start from digital assets of your company - traditional network devices and servers, but also cloud services or organisational intelligence - that can be found on the Internet. Hackers make use of these elements in your digital footprint to penetrate your company’s network making firewalls and anti-virus systems less effective. 

With rise of digital supply chains, interdependencies, and globalization,  your digital ecosystem expands, your attack surface grows along with it, making it increasingly difficult to manage your security posture.


"The average cost of a security breach was $4,45M in 2023"

IBM Cost of a data breach report 2023

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Attack surface management

Visualize your digital footprint

Get a clear and comprehensive overview of all your organization's externally facing digital assets that bring security risks (e.g. email addresses, domains, IP addresses, websites, cloud storage buckets, software, etc). This service not only identifies shadow IT systems or cloud services, orphaned IT infrastructure or rogue IT assets, but also helps you to uncover unintended use of personal data of your employees in support of GDPR compliance management.


Contrary to other ASM platforms in the market, Ceeyu provides you with all the data scanned, which can be used as input for IT asset tracking and IT inventory management.

Visualize security risks

Attack surface management

Identify risks and prioritize risk areas

In addition to a complete view over your externally exposed IT assets, Ceeyu provides detailed insights in the cyber security risks associated with the elements in your digital footprint that can be exploited by hackers. Using Ceeyu, you can visualize the issues and vulnerabilities (e.g. leaked credentials, exploitable open ports, vulnerable web interfaces) and prioritize and follow up on the next steps for recovery or remediation. 


Our easy-to-understand security ratings provide you with actionable insights into the items you should address first. They also show the risks and vulnerabilities arising in your network of suppliers. This enables you to quickly take adequate action to mitigate risks internally and across your ecosystem. 

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Attack surface management

Detect risks in the attack surface of critical suppliers

Ceeyu not only enables you to reveal security risks in the attack surface of your supply chain. Using our powerful Third Party Security Risk Management (TPRM) platform, you can share security risk ratings with your critical suppliers, use this information as input in questionnaire-based audits and interact with the concerned suppliers to address and resolve the cyber security risks


Prioritize security risks

Ceeyu helps you detect and manage your attack surface. By scanning and visualizing your digital footprint, you clearly see the vulnerabilities and most urgent actions.

Ceeyu provides you control over the online appearance of your network and IT systems by discovering and continuously monitoring your digital footprint and attack surface.