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Wed Mar 22 2023

GlobalSign enters into a multi-year deal with Ceeyu

Ceeyu signs GlobalSign

GlobalSign, a digital identity services company that provides cloud-based public key infrastructure (PKI) solutions to enterprises such as Netflix, Microsoft, Ford and Cisco, is signing with Ceeyu for a 3-year term.  Ceeyu will map GlobalSign's externally visible IT and network assets and identify and monitor the presence of vulnerabilities and weaknesses, often referred to as Attack Surface Management.  Under the terms of the agreement, GlobalSign will also use the Ceeyu platform to identify security risks at its major suppliers, known as Third Party Security Risk Management (or TPsRM).

Relying on its technology and know-how, Ceeyu will help GlobalSign focus its security resources on strengthening protection where it is needed based on security risks identified by its SaaS platform.  

In addition, GlobalSign is taking another step in third-party risk management with Ceeyu's platform.  The risks of being affected by a security incident at a supplier have increased in recent years (this has become the biggest cybersecurity concern of CIOs over the past year).  Moreover, due to the European NIS Directive adopted late last year, companies in 10 industries, including those considered “critical digital infrastructure”, will be required to monitor and manage security risks at their critical suppliers.   
GlobalSign is the recognized provider of choice of digital identity services for high-traffic web applications of the world’s biggest online businesses.   GlobalSign delivers its online identity services to a business worldwide, directly or through a global network of Registration Authorities (RAs) and Local Registration Authorities (LRAs).  

Jimmy Pommerenke, CEO at Ceeyu, said: "GlobalSign is one of the globally recognized leaders in the security industry.  The fact that they signed on with us to tighten their own security is a validation that we are on the right track."

Ruben Annemans, Head of Security at GlobalSign said: "Based on the risks identified by Ceeyu's SaaS platform, we can focus our security resources on strengthening the security of our digital footprint and supply chain where needed."